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Taking Your Business to
a Sustainable CO2 -level

A simple and evidence-based approach for SMEs to reach net zero carbon emissions, while increasing profitability.

YOU are a part of the solution and your data creates position and innovation.

Our software and management tools make it easy to manage and reduce your company’s CO2 emissions!

Three research-based steps for sustainable development that make your company’s efforts to reduce CO2 both visible and valuable

In 6% Solution the target is dynamically alligned to the international targets for reducing co2-emission

Step 1:
Enhance Your Corporate Climate Action

Calculate, plane & manage revenue growth within sustainable CO2 levels.

Step 2:
Manage Goals in Accumulated Long Term

Use a flexible approach to monitor and manage your company’s CO2 footprint, aligned directly with value creation.

Step 3:
Analyze and Position Your Corporate Actions

Develop your corporate roadmap with direct insight into the relative positions of other SMEs in your region and globally.


Global 6% Solution will be on DHIS2:
The world's largest health information management system — developed through global collaboration led by UiO

100 Pilot companies

There are plenty of climate calculators and certification schemes, but time is short to avoid irreversible climate change. We have developed a solution that we believe is the best management tool in the market to reduce the biggest challenge of our time - CO2 emissions. Do you want to participate in developing the solution further with us? We are looking for 100 pilot companies - no prior knowledge required!

Please send us an email!

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IDT Solution AS

"It's easier than you think to succeed in achieving these goals"
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