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A new era is about to start...

Our Story

It snows a lot in Lillehammer. Also ideas.

In Lillehammer, on a January day in 2017, the idea is born. The Paris Agreement was signed a long time ago and everyone is talking about "the green shift". Very few in Norwegian business really know what this actually is - or entails. Norwegian business and politics talk about climate plans and sustainability and are mentally on two different globes.


In my job as a business developer in Fossekall, the same questions are recurring in the companies we had assignments for; How are we going to become part of the green shift? What is needed? How to become more sustainable? What does that mean for us? Earlier I had heard Per Espen Stoknes at a conference on Green Value Creation. He talked about genuine green growth and what it would take to succeed in meeting the climate goals. The man was brilliant!

The idea of ​​turning his theory into a sustainability barometer for co2 reduction saw the light of day (NO! Not a co2 calculator 😊). Via complicated excel sheets, for a digital dummy (The Ugly Version) and test pilot companies, we confirmed relevance and interest.


And Then we met Devotta...

... the developers of the world's largest health platform for collecting and processing health data that is used by over 90 countries in the world. The platform originates from the University of Oslo. Funded by none other than the WHO, Bill Gates and others.


Fossekall AS and Devotta AS are now working as partners for further development of the 6% Global Solution in order to help companies reduce their CO2 emissions, create new business opportunities - and at the same time we can help save the world from irreversible climate change. Maybe you want to read the whole story? - If you continue, we can create new world history together.

Meet The Team


Eli K. Saastad
Fossekall AS

Business developer and the one that got the idea...

Food Truck Owners

Markus Bekken

Devotta As

Master developer. First class mananger of the world largest health platform

Mike Frost

Devotta AS

Master developer. First class mananger of the world largest health platform

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