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Climate Investment and data-driven innovation

Genuine Green Growth


Climate Investment

It is about pioneering better ways of doing business, and creating the momentum to encourage more and more people to opt in to the future we’re working to create. Our job is to make the sufficient contribution to avoid irreversible climate changes.

Fill the gap with Global 6% solution.


From green-washed to genuin green

You see the green line? Your company should be a part of that! Or above. Not below.

Most countries have a job to do, and your job starts with YOU.



Green growth staircase

The Green Growth ladder makes it possible to create sufficient sustainability already until 2030! If your contribution is above the Global 6% Solution levels, YOU are part of the solution. If your contribution is below, you are still part of the problem...

Data driven innovation


From chaos to strategic planning

The collection, analysis and processing of mass data creates opportunities for strategic planning. Global 6% solution "cleans up" today's chaotic picture.


Strategic positioning regional, national and global

Mirror, mirror on the wall there - who is the most sustainable ... How skilled are you in terms of sustainability in your region? In your country or globally? Wouldn't it be fun to be better than the others? Or made a significant improvement if you were the worst in the class?


Develope, compare and compete!

When you have your information in place, you can start comparing, developing and competing. With the help of your dashboard, you get information to take a strategic position, see new business opportunities and see who you can potentially collaborate and compete with.

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