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The Solution
The Theory - and the difference!

The theory

The theory behind Global 6% Solution is based on research and international goals, amongst them, Per Espen Stoknes' theories; The world needs CO2 reduction at the same time as we need increased value creation. (Carbon efficiency; the overall goal is to must produce as much values as possible with the least possible effort of CO2).

The formula for genuine green growth is that the ratio between value creation and CO2 emissions is constantly increasing; in order to achieve the goals quickly, one must on average reduce at least 3% COat the same time as value creation increases by at least 3%.

Why is it unique?

Most digital solutions are mainly based on an "activity-based method" where supplier information and input from the company's own internal activities, are used as a basis. In these solutions, activity and emissions are multiplied together to find co2-emission/carbon footprint. In Global 6% Solution, we focus on the efficiency of emissions by measuring the company's CO2 footprint versus the company's value creation to find the carbon efficiency of the company. "Value creation" is the combined value of operating surplus and employment. A footprint calculated based only on business activity and emissions, as other solutions do, will "isolate" the business activity from the value creation and thus also removes the necessary strategic growth elasticity.


Stagnation or reduced value creation is not an option. Increased COemissions are also not an option. Therefore, these numbers must be seen in light of each other. (Sources: OPEC, Per Espen Stoknes «Genuine Green Growth», etc.).

New & easy

Global 6% Solution differs from other climate and CO2 calculators in that it is:

• CARBON EFFICIENCY BASED. From an isolated and rigid activity-based method to a strategic and profitable carbon efficiency based method.

• EASY TO LEARN - EASY TO USE. A management tool that gives businesses a way to reach a sustainable position in a practical and easy way throughout the year, achieving reduction goals quickly rather than waiting to report at the end of the year. And your business doesn’t need consultants.

• GREEN ENOUGH. Provides the answers as to what your business needs to do to become sufficiently carbon efficient while achieving genuine green growth.

• STRATEGIC POSITIONING. Align your business and climate goals, and be seen for your efforts.

• RESULTS AND DEVELOPMENT. Consider and compare your management in “the bigger picture”.

• GLOBAL 6% SOLUTION is a management tool that shows with examples how each company must contribute (according to principle of charity) to achieve the societal goal of sufficient reduction of CO2 to avoid irreversible climate change

Our solution ensures that your company contributes to the global solution to climate change, and makes your contribution visible, comparable, noticed, and competitive both locally and globally.


The most important sustainability goal?

The most important "sustainability goal" is actually to start! If all small and medium-sized companies contribute with their small reduction target, the world as a whole will achieve a large CO2 reduction.

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