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Three easy steps to a new business future...

Step 1: Enhance Your Corporate Climate Action

Calculate, plane & manage revenue growth within sustainable CO2 levels.

Calculates how high value creation and an accurate CO2 footprint for your company.

Get the right insight into your company's carbon productivity, ie how much value the company creates in relation to the CO2 footprint.

Overall goal:

The world needs as much value creation as possible with the least possible effort of CO2.

Get ready to develop, compare and compete!


Step 2: Manage Goals in Accumulated Long Term

Use a flexible approach to monitor and manage your company’s CO2 footprint, aligned directly with value creation.

The management tool calculates how to achieve sustainability based on future CO2 footprint and budgeted value creation to achieve genuine green growth.

You get specific goals for exactly what you need to reduce throughout the year, and which sources you can get the reduction from. The management tool gives you control throughout the year so that you reach your goals. 

The system is easy to use and requires little time and effort!


Step 3: Analyze and Position Your Corporate Actions

Develop your corporate roadmap with direct insight into the relative positions of other SMEs in your region and globally.

​Your sustainable position provides new business opportunities with competitive advantages.

Share and compare results, find new sustainable partners in the network and use the data base for innovation and development. If you deliver on the objectives, you deliver on the societal goals of reducing CO2.

Your data creates position and innovation! Develop. Compare. Compete!


The most important sustainability goal?

The most important "sustainability goal" is actually to start! If all small and medium-sized companies contribute with their small reduction target, the world as a whole will achieve a large CO2 reduction.

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